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At we are dedicated to enhancing your present moment with earth conscious, people friendly products and services to help you not only be Present , but to also assist you in realizing the wholesome beauty of your present moment - that the Present is the Perfect time!

Our original boutique was established on the New Hampshire Seacoast in August 2003. Originally, the shop began in Rye as an eclectic blend of women's jackets, sweaters, accessories and home decor, with a focus on bringing a bit of 'global fare' to the Seacoast.  This  location soon become much too small to satisfy my customers' increasing desire for 'MORE'! A Hampton resident since 1994, I decided to look for a larger space in the town that had welcomed me as a 'Connecticut Transplant'. In the summer of 2006, when Colt News closed it's doors, Present Perfect found it's new 'home'. I am honored to have enjoyed this space for 12 years, one that served downtown Hampton for so many generations.

Now, Present Perfect is embarking on a new journey - a journey into ecommerce- to compliment our physical boutique.  As always be remain committed to quality products and services and fair prices. Our products are made in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy and /or are certified Fair Trade. We believe in treating our earth and fellow people with dignity, respect; walking gently, leaving as small a footprint as possible, being conscious of sustaining the planet that sustains us.  We hope that you will enjoy our ecommerce offerings!




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